Santa Fe Bite

25 Mar

If you are a burger fanatic, you have probably heard of Bobcat Bite. It’s a burger joint off the beaten path in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This tiny pink restaurant sits up a small hill right off a main road. The parking lot of made of dust and dirt.  Although small with a simple menu, it is nothing short of delicious. Their green chile cheeseburger is an iconic meal- the New Mexican twist to an American classic. Bobcat Bite does it right. Juicy and delicious with just the right amount of spice. Not only do you not need ketchup, but you’ll be sure to eat the entire thing.

Bobcat recently moved. Sad? Not really. I had the privilege of enjoying a  green chile cheeseburger there last week. Although it’s old location has a charm and history that made it something special, Santa Fe Bite, in its new location, it not only closer to town (in fact, in town) with a much larger space (don’t expect the lines to be any shorter), but it also has a few new twists to the menu, offering weekend brunch and salads on top of their amazing burgers, chicken sandwiches, and steaks.

The best of the best!

The best of the best!

The Original Location

The Original Location

Santa Fe Bite is both delicious, fun, and comfortable. It’s the kind of restaurant everyone wishes they had in their own town. We ate there with my two small nieces, and the staff was accommodating and friendly. They also offer beer and wine, so it’s certainly adult oriented as well! Sit indoors, at their small and picturesque bar, or outdoors if the weather is warm enough. At our table we had the green chile cheeseburger (of course), chopped salad, street tacos, sweet potato fries, and some tasty looking kids grilled cheese. My advice is to go early, be prepared to wait a little, and enjoy your delicious meal! If you feel you are missing out on the tradition and charm of the old location just go ahead and drive by – the building with the sign is still there! Now, you just have the comfort of eating right in town. I had only been to the previous location once but with the new convenience, it will certainly be a part of my rotation every time I have the good fortune to visit Santa Fe.



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