Cookie Monster

23 Oct

We love Blue Dragon. They have great food and are perfect for a quick bite or a fun night out. From the dim sum to the platters, it’s a good spot and Ming Tsai has certainly gotten it right again. Today however, I’m not going to talk about the restaurant itself, the ambience, our dinner, or even my drink. Today, it’s all about the cookie.

My husband and I have been to Blue Dragon a few times and always been too full to get dessert. That doesn’t mean there was nothing worth having on the menu. We noticed it our first time, and have been wanting to go for it each time since. Finally, last night, we lived that dream. “The Cookie” is a deep dish chocolate chip cookie baked and served in a cast iron skillet topped with creamy dreamy vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Well done Blue Dragon, that cookie was tasty.

It was just as good as it sounds. A cross between a cookie, a pie, and a cake, this gooey chewy dessert has a warm center and a crunchier crust. The ice cream melted along the perfectly heated pile of goodness and the caramel drizzle was just the right amount so that the flavor did not get lost but also did not overwhelm. There is nothing like a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven, and the cast iron skillet and enormous size of this treat really make it the ultimate indulgence.

Absolutely perfect!

Although this dish is probably enough for four or five people, Mike and I ate the entire thing. It may take some time to burn off those calories, but I will certainly be back for “The Cookie” before too long.

Clearly this was a very tasty treat -  we will certainly be back for more!

Blue Dragon on Urbanspoon

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