Barrington Coffee

17 Oct
Delicious and beautiful Large Expresso with Soy Milk

‘ Delicious and beautiful Large Expresso with Soy Milk

I’ll be honest, between snacking and shopping the The Bee’s Knees and overindulging at Flour, I never really gave Barrington Coffee much of a shot.  Thankfully, this weekend I woke up with a pretty strong hankering for a latte. I figured I’d walked by Barrington so many times, I may as well give it a shot. Visually, it’s a cool place that fits in with the Fort Point aestethic. High ceilings and clean industrial flair, but gorgeous and vibrant tabletops that give you  a cheery “we love coffee!!” feeling all over. I didn’t have to wait long to place my order, but there were plenty of customers around enjoying their coffee while chatting with friends or reading the paper. The staff was super friendly and there were many options to choose from, but as a generally coffee novice I kept it simple and I ordered a large expresso with soy milk. YUM. The coffee was delicious and well balanaced. I was very grateful for the soy milk (I’m milk challenged), which was delicately frothed and displayed a perfect adorable heart on the top of my drink. While I waited for my drink, I pursued the snacks, eying pastries, muffins, granola bars and chocolate items. They looked good enough that I’ll probably give them a try next time. Can’t wait to go back for another coffee treat!

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