Serious Mac and Cheese Love

12 Oct

My husband and I consider ourselves quite the experts on the art of macaroni and cheese. We make it, we buy it, and we eat it. There is really never a time that we see it on a menu without ordering it. From Velveeta shells and cheese to Truffle Mac at the Waverley Inn, we are all over it. Well, that’s not quite true, as Mike doesn’t like mushrooms or anything having to do with them (I know, a life without truffle oil really seems boring), and he also steers clear of, in his words, “soft cheese”. This really means he doesn’t like blue cheese or goat cheese, especially not in his mac. My list of the top mac and cheese dishes of my lifetime will be featured soon, but this morning I did want to give a shoot out to a very special dish that was really unlike any other we’d ever had.

It’s called the Fat Mac. That’s right. Let me back up. A friend of mine recently moved to Marina Bay in Quincy. I never go to Quincy, I never go to Marina Bay, it’s just not on my radar. But when your friend buys a condo and has a house-warming party, you go. Mike and I went with friends and decided we’d try somewhere nearby for dinner . What a perfect time to utilize the Phantom Gourmet! For those of you not in the Phantom loop, it’s a TV show that reviews local restaurants every weekend. Some are in the Boston area, but some are just far enough away that you would never actually go to them. Thus, you say Quincy, we said Phantom Gourmet. My friend found the Fat Cat and after taking a look at the menu, we saw not only a “Nacho Menu” but a “Mac and Cheese Menu”. Done and done.

First off, Fat Cat was jumping. We tried going before the party around 8:00 pm and the wait was over an hour. We stopped by afterwords, around 10:30, and sat right down. We ordered the BBQ Pork Nachos, heaping with pulled pork, corn, sauce, and caramelized onions (hold the garlic please) to share. They were incredible. I ordered Mac and Cheese and our friends ordered Mac and Cheese and Wings. Mike, who always asks the opinion of the waiter, threw us all for a curveball that night. The cheese sauce Fat Cat uses for their mac has blue cheese in it, so Mike was in a dark place on that front. He was torn between a few items on the menu, but decided to ask if the mac could be prepared without the blue. Indeed, it can be, so the “ultimate Fat Mac” it was. TenĀ minutes later our waiter emerged with a rather large grin and a dish of cheesy pasta that must be have weighed at least 8 pounds. Spiral noodles baked with shrimp, crab, lobster, chicken, hot dogs, and steak covered and mixed with cheese. It was sort of the most amazing thing I’d ever seen, but also the most disgusting. Our waiter told us few have ever finished the dish, although many have tried. It was massive, and although Mike ate until he was full, he barely put a dent in it.

The mac also has a few tomatoes on top- why not include a veggie?

The mac also has a few tomatoes on top- why not include a veggie?

I'm not a wing fan myself- but these did look good. 3 different sauces!

I’m not a wing fan myself but these did look good. 3 different sauces!

The long and the short of itĀ – go to Fat Cat. Have some amazing food, try the mac, but don’t bother with the Fat Mac unless you in a serious mood to eat.

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